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Hi, my name is Gosia.

Welcome to this space where I support the idea of rest through yoga, meditation and sound therapy.

“Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have.” 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Rest enhances creativity,
health and memory!

In times when unproductivity is stigmatised, and work beyond measure is glorified, I invite you to go for rest. 


Enjoy reconnection with your body, breath and soul

I strongly believe that rest is just as important as work. It's time to start appreciating it and recognising its value. Rest is not a luxury but a necessity. So let yourself slow down, join me on the yoga mat and reconnect with your body, breath and soul. And enjoy the healing sound of Tibetan bowls and other instruments. I am happy to meet You :-)



I believe yoga is for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY, no matter your flexibility, gender, age, weight or social status. Yoga is accessible and practical. It brings relief to the body and spirit. I teach yoga the way I practice it myself - Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra - always respecting the boundries and needs of the body, with great appreciation for its wisdom.



The therapeutic bowls used in this practice generate vibrations of the same wavelength as the brainwaves produced in our body during deep relaxation and sleep. When placed on the body, they provide powerful experiences of stress reduction and mental relaxation.



Our mind, left to itself, immediately starts wandering somewhere. Sometimes we enjoy it, and sometimes our thoughts are unbearable and unsupportive. We criticise ourselves, torment ourselves with the past and worry about the future. Then the meditation tools become useful and help us be here and now.


Rest and enjoy. 

Not sure it’s your thing?  Try and decide


Gosia's presence is healing. I feel she gave us all her heart and care during the yoga practice, adjusting to our needs, paying attention to the details and sharing her knowledge easily. Practice with Gosia brings rest and regeneration to the body, mind and spirit. As a yoga teacher, I recommend Gosia, especially if you are new to yoga or looking for regenerating restful practice.


Sound massage with Gosia was a very relaxing experience for me. I left the room light and calm. The vibrations stayed with me for the rest of the day. 


Gosia's vibrant personality emanating with life energy and charisma makes her class an experience that goes beyond a simple yoga practice. After her class, I always feel more grounded and have a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards myself and others. Thank you!


Go for rest 

Tel: +32493755156


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