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Yoga is not a story about a flexible and slim body or curling up into a pretzel while standing on one hand. It's getting to know ourselves, often re-connecting with ourselves, in order to get the tools that, in difficult moments for us, will allow us to cope with the difficulties and storms that are part of our lives. That we would be able to find support in ourselves without blaming the whole world for "what happened to us". That we can keep our ego in check, which is willing to puff up, criticise and deny, and give advice. 

I believe yoga is for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY, no matter your level of flexibility, gender, age, weight or social status. Yoga is accessible and practical. It brings relief to the body and spirit.

I teach yoga the way I practice it myself - Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra (sleep with trace awareness). As for Nidra, I fell in love with it some time ago. It is one of the yogic practice that fulfils the need of rest, rejuvenation and reconnection. What’s more - Yoga Nidra is one of the most effortless and enjoyable yoga practices. Doing nothing and gaining everything - that is a gift of Yoga Nidra.

For me teaching is learning. Exchange of knowledge and joy. So I experiment, I explore, and I enjoy being with people. Always respecting the boundaries and needs of the body, with great appreciation for its wisdom. I love to talk about asanas in my classes, especially their benefits. It is fascinating that even the classic yoga poses, which might seem easy, have so many benefits. What a design masterpiece! 

But reducing yoga to asana only is a great loss for us and a lack of respect for this beautiful and powerful centuries-old tradition. That is why, during classes and workshops, I propose pranayama exercises and meditation. And as I work with sound, the final relaxation is accompanied with my therapeutic Tibetan bowls and other instruments. 

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