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What is Sound Massage Therapy?

Just as the Universe is made of sound, so too are we, humans. Every culture in the world is grounded in its own unique sound. Sound is everywhere and in all of us. In the Indian culture, the beginning of all things is NADA - also known as the "primal tone". NADA BRAHMA - it is most commonly translated as „sound is God“, but it also has the wider meanings of „sound is the world“. The eternal tone of the Hindu and Tibetan cultural circles is OM / AUM. The syllable OM is the holiest mantra and the symbol of the awesome power of being.


Sound massage uses the phenomenon of the flow of sound waves through the body, thus restoring balance at all its levels. It originates from Thailand, India, and Nepal. Sound therapy has been increasingly used as a rehabilitation tool, also in the West.

“When we pay attention to nature's music,we find that everything on the Earth contributes to its harmony.” 

Hazrat Inayat Khan

How does it work?

The therapeutic bowls that I use in my practice generate vibrations equal to the same wavelength as the brainwaves you produce in your own body during deep relaxation and sleep. When properly played, the bowls emit soothing, harmonic vibrations with the frequency of OM/AUM - The Eternal Tone! This has a calming influence on the sympathetic nervous system and synchronises your brain waves to the vibration of the bowl. Through this unique sound, the bowls link you to their therapeutic powers and natural energy. When placed on the body, they provide powerful experiences of stress reduction and mental relaxation. The water in the body conducts vibrations as it penetrates the body's cells and organs.

During the sound therapy session, I use instruments tested for their tonal perfection - they are quality certified for therapeutic and relaxation quality by the renowned Peter Hess Institute in Germany. The bowls produce high and low tone frequencies that are naturally found in the human body. This helps bring an all-encompassing and relaxing harmony to the body on all levels - physical, emotional and psychological.

What can this do for you?

Sound vibrations promote a quick relaxation and easily penetrate your tissues, bones, and the nervous system, ultimately reaching all the way to your inner cells! This then enhances the healing process of total-body harmonisation. Once you find yourself in a state of deep relaxation, your breathing and circulation slow, your body temperature is lowered, and the detoxification of the body is accelerated.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy:
  • Stress and tension reduction

  • Achieving deep relaxation

  • Quieting internal thoughts and inner voices

  • Organic detoxification

  • Improved feelings both physically and mentally

  • Increased levels of vitality, energy, creativity, concentration and movement

  • Helps eliminate fatigue, body pain, insomnia and headaches

Practical information:

Individual massage performed on a futon and bowls placed around and on the body.

The client is dressed in loose clothing, covered with a blanket.

Duration: +/- 60 min


Shanti Home

Rue Darwin 8, 1190 Brussels

Price: 60 EUR

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