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Hi, my name is Gosia

The question of who I am is the one I ask myself every day when I sit down on my meditation cushion. This is a difficult question and I am still looking for an answer to it. I believe that as Patanjali's sutras say, our true self is who we are beyond a single role or label. It is our beliefs, values and passions that express our true nature.  

I entered the mat for the first time in 2002, right after my studies. At that time, not fully aware of what it is and where this practise will lead me. Since then, yoga has always been with me, sometimes with some breaks but I always came back and then it has supported me in various challenging moments of my life. I tried different styles. I have practised Iyengar for many years. I became a yoga teacher in 2021 and I am still expanding my knowledge, fascinated by the wisdom of yoga that teaches me how to live a full life. I am teaching Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and Hatha Yoga, in which I weave elements from other styles but also an element of sound that I discovered a few years back during sound bath massage. Since then, I have started to be interested in sound and its regenerative power. I love to combine sound with yoga and meditation.

I live in Brussels in Forest with my family and my dog Lola. 

“Yoga is more than physical. It is work on the cells of the body, mind, intellect, and spirit – it involves man in his whole being.” 

B.K.S. Iyengar


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 h) certificate by YogaLife Foundation, recognised by Yoga Alliance (2021, Brussels, Belgium)

Yoga Nidra Advanced Teacher Training (60 h) certificate by Yogalife Foundation, recognised by Yoga Alliance (2022, Brussels, Belgium) 

Sound Massage in Preventive Healthcare Teacher Training (level I and II) certificate by Viriama with Dr Małgorzata Kronenberger (2019, Poland)

Sound Massage in Rehabilitation and Therapy (level III and IV) certificate by Viriama with Dr Małgorzata Kronenberger (2020, Poland)


A Year with Ayurveda by Agni Ajurweda (2020, online course)

8-weeks Mindfulness course by Brussels Mindfulness (June 2021, Belgium)


Mindfulness Teacher Training (2 years) by Brussels Mindfulness (started October 2021, on-going, Belgium)

Silent Meditation Course - Brahma Viharas by Mindful Academy Solterreno with Bodhin Philip Woodward (May 2022, Spain)

Weekend workshops with Max Strom "From the inside out" - focused on accelerating, recalibrating, and deep relaxation (January 2023, Brussels)

The use of the gong in relaxation and therapy (level I and II) certificate by Viriama with dr Małgorzata Kronenberger (2023, Poland)

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